From Funny Face Pancakes to Plain Funny Faces {and Turning 3 Years Old}

Good morning, Birthday Girl.

She wanted pancake "faces" for breakfast. So while I started whipping up the grub, she dug into her presents in eye shot of the kitchen and while the rest of the family watched closely.

{Gluten-free has become a way of life around here. These GF pancakes weren't even close to the best I've ever tasted; however, that's nothing a lot of maple syrup can't fix!}

We surprised AF with an adventure into Denver to explore animal life at the zoo. At the gate we discovered they treat birthday guest quite special: free admission, carousal ride, and ice cream cone and a huge pin to wear announcing your day, too.

{The peacocks strut around the zoo grounds freely showing off...for good reason.}

We grabbed lunch out and made it home for afternoon naps before family came over for the evening. Pepperoni pizza, which turned out much better than the pancakes, play, cake and ice cream, play, and some more playtime was the agenda.

{Make a wish, AF: the GF cake, I think, looked better than it tasted, but again, you can't go too wrong when you top it with ice cream and raspberries.}

Once the home quieted down and most were in PJs, we cuddled up for storytime and just being goofs. H started out perky but faded little by little. AF seems to be a natural.

Tucking the girls into bed, we chatted for a while:

Lulu: Aurelia, how old are you now?

AF: 3.

Lulu: What do you think of birthdays?

AF: Having ice cream and having cake...

H: What she means is "Do you like them? Yes or no?"

AF: I do like it!

Lulu: What did you really want for your birthday this year?

AF: Pancakes.

Lulu: What was your favorite present?

AF: Having this [penguin] pillow pet (pointing to her gift from her cousins).

Lulu: Now that you are 3, what would you like to do this year?

AF: Play outside with cousins.

Lulu: What was your favorite animal at the zoo today?

AF: Uh, they didn't have a cat, but I liked seeing the big turtle.

Lulu: Do you remember the name of that turtle?

AF: Yes, the alligator snapper.

Lulu: Who loves you?

AF: Everybody.

H: Who knows you!

AF: Yep!