Just 3 Days Ago

Just 3 days ago, we wore shorts for a very warm Mother's Day hike in the foothills of Littleton.

Today we woke up to snow, and by 6:30 this evening we were bundled up, drudging through slushy wet to relieve heavy laden branches from a couple inches of the stuff. They are saying we should expect 4-8 inches total. Seriously!?

[A few snowday in May activities: listen to The Magican's Nephew, radio theater version, while coloring and painting; make forts and investigate & organize a nature treasure-box collection; take Little Man to the beauty salon to snip off about 2 inches of curl or fuzz, depending on the moment in the day]

***Thursday, May 12 update:
Woke up to at least 7 inches of snow. Espi and Hanna took on the heavy laden branches this time after breakfast with brooms and large ice scrappers in hand. We will not be leaving home if we can help it today, and we anticipate grand puddles of slush and mud to follow, for they are calling for temps in the 60s for the rest of the week and weekend.