May {in Pictures}

[Early May, Aunt J opened her new Spring line at Jeanne Oliver Designs. We worked the celebration poses for a nice part of an afternoon.]

[The day after getting about 8 inches of nearly mid-May snow, the girls enjoyed the quick meltdown with snow coats and rain boots in our mini-driveway-pond.]

[The spring seeds were sprouting, but "who knew" which sprouts meant what fruits and vegetables! The girls helped me make garden row markers--they painted the food; I did the "writing." One tomato by AF.]

[Onions by H.]

[Pumpkin, broccoli, radish, carrot, lettuce, and peas]

[The garden is nearly all "marked" now.]

[Espi has been getting his hands dirty with welding. I gave him several old camping spoons and asked for a flower. Now that he's warmed up, a trellis please!]

[We had a camping weekend indoors.]

[We had plans to play games inside the tent one night. However, H told me to stay away, stay out repeatedly. Finally, she let me in to find notes everywhere saying "Wellcum! Wellcum!"]

[...finally, followed by a magna doodle message: "S[ur]priz! Wellcum to the ca[m]p site" with doodled streamers and balloons. H knows how to make a camper feel special.]

[We played "War" until sleeping bags called.]

[H and AF started swimming lessons. This is H's third time, AF's first.]

[Doesn't see look like a classic, 3 year old, swim student? She even gives a quick head shake "no" when her teacher asks if she'd like to go next. It was the first day.]

[The girls want Rapunzel hair. Not sure how long this is really going to last, but their locks sure look cute when they are not tangled.]

[H finished her kindergarten year at Options last week. She drew, colored, glittered, and messaged a card for her teacher.]

[H's teacher handed out awards during kindergarten graduation and shared each child's wish for a future career. H was awarded "Best Penmanship" and wants to be an "artist" when she grows up (which was a surprise to me). Please pardon my lousy video skills.]

[H and her 15 classmates each Thursday this year]

[Summer play is coming soon around this house, as we are wrapping up homeschooling this week. Yay!]

[This weekend, H and I finished our fourth reading of our ancient version of Black Beauty. She has kept coming back to this pick throughout the last couple years, enjoying the adventures of this special horse.]

[some of H's favorite pictures from the story]

[As H was brushing her hair and getting ready for bed several nights ago, looking into the mirror she said, "I look like Grandma M...when she was younger. I really do." The camera was close; I'm glad I could catch this following expression from her.]

[We attended our local Memorial Day Observance with my sister and her family.]

[Post ceremony, we walked the cemetary to find some marked graves of fallen soldiers. I think AF's face says it all about how meaninful that day was for each of our children, but little by little, I hope our children will come to truly appreciate and respect the lives that have and do protect our country's freedoms.]

[So long May; June hear we come!]