A Mermaid and Football Player [Love and Miss You, Espi]

[Mom, can we dial up Dad now? I miss him!]

Life has been unusually painful and sad lately. For now, I'll simply say that friends' and family's compassion, wisdom, and prayers have meant the world.

Espi has been home with the girls while AD and I have been away where the hurt is. That husband and Daddy has been so tender and helpful during this time. I sure do love Espi's heart for us.

Father's Day came and went this year with little plans and surprises having to be plotted from afar. One more surprise I wanted to include though. These children are growing fast and their innocence is precious to capture anytime we can. This adapted questionnaire is for the very special man I get to call husband and our children get to call Daddy in honor of Father's Day:

My dad is ___ years old.
AF) 4, 5, and 6
H) 42

My dad works really hard. His job is:
AF) work
H) working outside and at home, and he works at that place far away.

My dad's favorite thing to do with me is:
AF) playing
H) loving me by taking care of me and being nice to me.

When he wants to relax, my dad:
AF) sits on a chair and relaxes.
H) lays down on the floor or watches TV and sits on the couch.

My dad's hair is:
AF) black...and blue
H) black and short

One thing that makes my Dad happy is:
AF) playing "jaguars."
H) giving him special stuff on Father's Day and birthdays.

When my dad grows up he wants to be:
AF) a mermaid. (H chimes in with "Be serious!" Then AF says...) be a mom?
H) football player.

I am going to live with my dad until I:
AF) ...5 more minutes.
H) until I'm grown up.

[Espi, your son has tried to wander out on the country roads pulling a wagon, pushing a stroller, carrying a watering can, or just taking his own two feet. I am keeping a close eye on this kid, but he. is. fast. I wonder if he is venturing out to find you and the girls?? We love and miss you all!]