Leaving the Nest in 26 Days

We had the privilege of watching the life cycle of baby robins this month. Espi was in the middle of chopping down an over grown lilac bush, when he discovered a momma robin nesting. Now all the fledglings have flown off to great adventures of their own, and Espi can get back to the work he started.

{day of discovery}

{hatching on day 11}

{day 12}

{day 19}

{day 23--days away from taking off}

{last day 26--Fortunately, I was present and noticed this weekend the last bird waiting to take "the leap."}

When the final jump was made, I followed from a distance watching jumps and flutters all the way across the lawn. AF and AD joined the procession imitating the little bird's movements with lots of hopping and flapping arms, until she disappeared into our pasture to learn to fly without the annoyance or intimidation of on-lookers.

If you care to see a little of the "hopping and flapping" around, please proceed: