Let's Have a Little Fun

I don't think I should ever own Photoshop. I would have way too much fun.

I already have plenty of fun just using a couple free sites that have filters, effects, and photo converters.

I love photography, but at this point, I am far from being a good photographer myself. So when my sister introduced me the photo editing site called Picnik a couple years ago and I noticed that most of their tools and features were absolutely free, that site became a regular part of my blogging and my photo projects, like Christmas postcards and such. I tweak exposure, boost color a bit, crop, rotate often. Also, Picnik's filters or photo effects tab adds a lot of interest to simple, everyday shots. For example, last week my annoyingly long hair needed to be pinned back so I could get some yard work done. I tried out some low Cori Dantini buns. (By the way, she again was introduced to me by my awesome sister; you must check out her art work. Her content has incredible colors, lines, images, words--sweet, sweet.) The buns looked very cutsie, and I started getting playful and silly with a little lip color and the camera that was in the room. Thanks, Cori, for the inspiration. I didn't intend to do much with those photos until I was playing on Picnik last Saturday evening and one of the images turned out really fun and interesting so I shared it on my facebook. As I noted in my facebook caption, these were the simple steps that changed my image to quite-ordinary to quite-bold and fun: cropped, cinema effect, infrared effect fade out about half way.

Interesting, huh?

About two years ago, I discovered a japanese site through The Little Brown Pen that turns current photos into very old vintage versions. Now isn't that cool:

These two photo sites are a couple of my very favorites.

Enjoy and have a little fun!