It's Good to Be a Kid

Out of the blue this week, H asked me, "When are we going to that one spray park again?" We have enjoyed several in our area throughout the years, so I picked her brain for details. She took me back to Great Plains Park sprayground. We visited it once 3 years ago! This girl has an amazing memory as far as I can tell.

Well, her idea was a good one. We invited friends and made a day of it.

{H soaked it all up from start to finish.}

{AD wasn't thrilled with the sporadic sprays.}

{AF followed her sister's lead...

...and found her favorite shoots.}

{In the center of the sprayground, this circle of shoots goes off and on. AD was intriqued and walked right inside when off. His surprise soak also seemed to perk up his attitude for the rest of the day.}

{The little one with beads in her hair was so full of life and laughs. She made me want to jump right in with my clothes on, too!}

{Then her dad joined in the fun, and I could see where she gets it!}

{Precious kids. Precious playtime.}