My Mother

Often, I wonder without your love and care where would I be.

When I think unconditional love, I think of you.

When I think steady and faithful, I think of you.

When I think honoring and celebrating the individual, I think of you.

You have taught me how to listen to the heart, not just the words,

how to be open and honest, because you have encouraged that from me,

how to accept and forgive, because this life hurts...terribly sometimes and we all need it,

how to hope and believe individual dreams, change, healing, wholeness to live out our purpose with our Creator and each other.

Your love, care, and prayers have meant more than you and I know and more than I can express...

but I'll keep trying.

The rest of the "understanding" Espinoza clan gave the first three "words" that come to mind when they think of you:

AF: I-like-her, I-want-to-come-to-her-house, I-want-AD-to-be-at-her-house

H: fun, plays-with-us-a-lot, pretty

Espi: kind, honest, loving

Happy Birthday, Mom.
We love you!