1st Grade and Pre-K

"Summer" is on the way out. As we are saying good-bye to the morning til bedtime pretending-sand box factories-biking-all-the-while-in-swimsuits, we took sometime to reward H and AF's efforts with our homegrown summer reading program. Given several choices, unanimously the girls chose "bouncing tents!"--our local indoor playland.

Back-to-school dinner followed at our home away from home, Chipotle. Espi and I shared some of our hopes for the girls' year. Daddy starts out with, "Have fun," before adding a few responsible goals. When asked what H wants to do now that she's a 1st grader, she responds, "I want a new bike." As a 3 year old, we have been telling AF she's now an official pre-schooler. What she wants to do this year? "Keep going to bouncing tents!" They sure sound like 3 and 6 year olds.

Enrichment started this past week, and it will continue just about every Thursday for the rest of our school year. Due to an unusually, early, AD wake up call this Thursday morning, I was reading at 6:00am when I heard a scuffle from the girls' room. Wow, is H so eager to see friends and get to her new class, I thought. Then AF comes down the hall all dressed for the day wearing her mini, pink, angel-winged backpack. "Mom, will I get to stay all day with H today?" It hurt a little to let down her hopes, but she bounced back just fine.

{sitting with big sister at assembly--notice the wings??}

Espi joined us for ice cream following H's first day with her classmates. H was all smiles--the first day was a success.

Once home, AF was searching for paper and pencil. She made two "thank you cards" for H. That was a first! Someone really missed her big sister's company. Yet, I know this day apart will be good for AF and AD's play and learning, too.

Happy 2011-2012 school year!