Berry Patch Farms

Berry Patch Farms is too far to visit regularly but too close not to make one or two trips per year. With family and friends, we spent the day picking golden and red raspberries and strawberries yesterday. The weather was perfection!

{AD is just one month older than sweet D here. H clarified on the ride home that AD can marry D when he gets older because she is not family. Yes, that's true, H.}

{This kid completely broke the rules, greatly exceeding the 1-2 berry sampling limit on the farm.}

{She carried her little friend around for a good 5 minutes.}

{Who willing eats a squished strawberry from dirty, juicy, little fingers? Momma.}

When asked what her favorite part of the farm was, AF said, "the tractor ride!"

What about you H? "I liked eating the berries and seeing the pig." Why the pig? "She is pretty."

And by this point, AD couldn't agree or object; he was gone to dream land.