September {Out}

Since school has been underway, days have been full...but a good full.

Today H had her first ever field trip away from parents, school bus and all. Although a little nervous, she and her classmates toughed it out and had a great time at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

This month, we sold our well-loved, well-used 5th wheel camper of four years. When the deal was done, Espi and I were taken aback at how choked up we got. Many, many good memories. The replacement, the upgrade was purchased several weeks later, providing more sleeping room for these growing children. AF has been almost daily asking, "When are we camping next?" So the girls and I spend our first night in our new setup last weekend with movies, popcorn, games, and story books. The girls seemed to have slept well. However, I should have grabbed a couple more blankets, for these early September morning hours are much chillier than I had anticipated!

[AD watching "Daddy" work on our new, used 5th wheel]

We got our yearly delivery of hay this month, too. Espi determined that this was our heaviest load yet at 12,000 pounds and our fewest number of bales. So needless to say, many of those tosses would have been back breakers for me. Espi did most of the hauling; I ended up doing much of the placement and organizing. The last time I contributed from start to finish was before the children. I am the weakling. So I am surprised my strength held out, and Espi was thankful to have the helping hand. The children were wonderful. AD napped the whole 2 1/2 hours. The girls watched, swept the barn, and cheered us on.

H knew we were running into dinner prep hours and mentioned, "You two are working so hard, I will make dinner tonight."
Espi heard and asked, "Oh. What would you make?"
"PB&J or cereal."
The offer was too sweet to pass up. When we were all inside for the night, H made those PB&Js for her and her sister and brother while I whipped up a few cheeseburgers for Espi and myself. After some dinner table giggling that evening Espi teasingly addressed AF, "How did you get to be so silly?"
She replies, "God made me. God's power made me funny."

Life would be quite dull without these kids.

The weather has been so pretty. Still warm enough for plenty of loads on the clothes line, and no freeze, yet. And we have been fitting in biking, walks...

...roller skating, lawn reading,...and jumping off of furniture as much as we can.

[our little ninja]

But what happened to September 2011!? On this end, it feels like it just became the speediest month of the year! Gone.

[AD this week after his unruly curls were snipped]