Graffiti Across God's Glory {EnJOY, EnJOY God}

The waves have been unusually high and rough this year. As I was talking with a friend recently, we agreed it feels like God is giving this whole world a great shake. Reminds me of Haggai. I cannot speak for the world, but I am currently feeling it where I stand. And as my vision is challenged, I keep seeking for the light of Truth and the living, walking Hope of earth in people around me, in my brothers and sisters of faith, in me, those who know Yeshua as their fill. I must say, He hasn't let me down yet, and I hear He never does. But how about us? We inevitably make mistakes. But how do we respond when we are face to face with ours and others?

Thankful for a book this week that clearly worded for me the great fight that comes with hardship or, maybe better said, the whole package of life, and again, I am reminded of Scripture:

"That which seems evil, is it a cloud to bring rain, to bring a greater good to the whole of the world? Who would ever know the greater graces of comfort and perseverance, mercy and forgiveness, patience and courage, if no shadow fell over a life?...the spirit-to-spirit combat I endlessly wage with Satan is this ferocious thrash with joy. He sneers at all the things that seem to have gone hideously mad in this sin-drunk world, and I gasp to say God is good. The liar defiantly scrawls his graffiti across God's glory, and I heave to enjoy God...and Satan strangles, and I whiten knuckles to grasp real Truth and fix that beast to the floor."

It's been awhile since pictures have been shared of the children. So here are the precious little folk!