The night of his birthday carrying through for the next 2 days, everyone in the family endured the stomach flu...directly followed by a 2 day drive to southern Texas. After a 2 week vacation, we arrived home to find our computer completely dead after owning it for only 2 years. His 2s are off to an interesting start! Along with that dead computer, we lost his Colorado birthday celebration pictures that had been downloaded just before we left for Texas. Fortunately for us, family had put together a 2nd birthday celebration for him during our visit; so the Texas pictures will have to stand in for both events this year.

Now that we are back home, healthy, and have a new computer to download vacation shots, I can share...

...happy second birthday, precious boy!! You fill our days with so many smiles!

[These are the only 2 pictures (the theme continues) that we have of AD's Colorado birthday because, fortunately for us, they were posted on Facebook that night before bed.]