May It Be Joy-full

As of Christmas, we've started housing a super hero. He is fast, jumps leaps and bounds, is extremely skillful with weapons of all sorts when needed. I would not want to be the "bad-guy" in his sights! A thank you goes out to a sweet, little lady in Illinois for his attire!

New Years Eve was low-key around here but very fun. After dinner, the girls got a manicure. Then the family watched a movie of the kids' choice, Alpha and Omega. It was cute and funny; thumbs up all around. Then some of us played games...

...while others had a blankie, dance party.

We are early birds. We celebrated with the East Coast. When New York hit midnight, we literally jumped into the New Year with them. This jump has been a tradition since my sweet friend Kath shared it with us when H was a baby.

Poppers were popped, sparkling grape juice was cheered, and kisses were shared.

The pre-Christmas snow has remained pretty thick on our ground, while the temperatures have been in the pleasant 40s. So the kids keep getting out there to play in the stuff.

{If it hadn't been for Little AF's regular helping hand, Tiny AD wouldn't have made it far.}

{"Pull, Mom, pull!"}

{Spur in his winter coat}

{Watch out for the snowballs!}

Happy New Year! And may 2012 be for your family and ours a steady "joy-full" no matter what the year holds.