Celebrating 7 {Watching Friendship Grow}

Our oldest is now seven.

I think it is fair to say she was one of the most easygoing babies in the world. She went with the flow like no one's business. If she was tired, no complaints on the spot in the middle of playing, she found room right there in her toys for a cat nap. She has always been a looker, taking in her surroundings, making sense of it as much as she could before "stepping in." She's a thinker, questioning, seeking to understand, and coming up with good ideas. Her greatest joys these days seem to come through pretending, coloring, games, and wearing herself out outdoors.

One of her best friends she has known since 3 months of age. This birthday, one of H's wishes was to have this friend spend the night for the first time. They had a ball.

{This is the earliest picture I could find of A and H together. H is 8 months here.}

{It has been precious seeing them grow together.}

We had a few different plans prepared for their night. Surprisely, early on they got pretty hooked on the Mousetrap Game, and they wanted nothing else until bedtime called! Simple joys.

On H's actually day, she wanted to ice skate with cousins. As much as they wanted to, cousins could not make the skating rink, but we celebrated with them the following day.

{Grandma, thanks for the pretty nightgown. Cousins, almost all of the Magic Tree House books have been devoured already.}

{Espi's cell caught this one of all 3 during a brief skating break. I love AD's face.}

The boys watched while the girls wore out every leg muscle we could for an hour and a half. AF took to the ice for the very first time and did beautifully with the "walker."

{She requested her Great Grandma J's Stawberry Pop Cake to top off her day. Yet, our version was gluten free and dye free; so it was a Raspberry Pop Gluten Free Cake. It worked.}

H, how does it feel being seven?

H: Different. It feels older.

Is there anything new you'd like to try this year? anything you'd like to learn?

H: I want to learn how to play checkers and climb trees better.

If you could go ANYWHERE this year, where would you like to travel?

H: to the Wild Life Experience, ice skating again, O'Brien Park, a spray-water park, the zoo...

Favorites. Books?

H: princess and horse books


H: my art box


H: UNO and Mousetrap


H: PB&J, egg salad sandwiches, pizza, waffles, pancakes, lasagna...

Is there anything hard about being the big sister?

H: AF "always" wants to do what I do! AD "always" wants to play in our room!

Are you going to miss being 6?

H: 6 is a good number for me, but...no.

{Happy seventh to my great skating partner!}