{finding the lovely} week 2

The joys and comforts of the season seemed to fill the days this week.

{bundling up to get covered in multiple feet of cold}

{kindling for the day's fire unbagged across the livingroom floor by two little munchkins}

{sitting close for warmth and entertainment}

{Good morning fog...}

{...followed by more soft flakes...}

{...called for a warm, hearty start.}

{PJ days}

{vanilla buttercream frosting for someone's raspberry pop birthday cake}

{celebrating 7 with ice skating}

{learning how to move on ice for the very first time}

{Requesting "moon squirters" for her birthday dinner added an unexpected burst of color on our February table.}

During this month of February, join in the fun of "finding the lovely" with Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor each Friday. You can share your photos and link ups here.

(Iphones and such are encouraged for this "finding the lovely" event as we look for the lovely in the everyday, on the go. Yet, our family has the simpliest of the simple cell phones and services, so the camera is being used here.)