16 February 2012

{finding the lovely} week 3

I am very much enjoying the challenge to open my eyes a little more this month to the many lovely moments in a day, in a week. There is really so much beauty filling our moments. If only I can have my eyes opened to see.

{my good morning view on my night stand::::home from church preparing lunch in my Grandmother J's wool skirt and an apron my mother made and gifted::::on a quiet, cold, country walk::::chai}

{our little man woken up from a nap and slowly taking in dinner::::paper dolls::::colors and coloring::::making the filling for gluten free chicken pot pie}

{Hammond's Candy Factory's candy store::::a homemade Valentine::::"T" is for (tipsy tongues and) texture::::preparing lunch, struck by bright green and deep red in sunlit running water}

During this month of February, join in the fun of "finding the lovely" with Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor each Friday. You can share your photos and link up here.

(iphones and such are encouraged for this "finding the lovely" event as we look for the lovely in the everyday, on the go. Yet, our family has the simpliest of the simple cell phones and services, so the camera and picnik.com are being used here.)