{finding the lovely} week 4

This week felt like it went way too fast and felt quite ordinary and uneventful, for the most part. Yet, looking back in pictures and in my mind, it was a special and significant week in a couple ways, too.

Overall, this week I am left thankful for the arts and well seasoned artist who share of their time and talents with generous hearts, for heart to heart conversations, for spontaneous family game nights, for the work of self-discipline in child and adult, for playtime!, for tasty, wholesome food, for wintertime dressing every bit of earth so beautifully in white, for hot mugs of cozy on chilly, chilly days.

{Last weekend, our local symphony orchestra played "Peter and the Wolf" while the children's theatre acted the parts. Following, the musicians invited the children to come on stage to ask questions and try out instruments. It was even better enjoying this time with good friends.}

{AF helping "Daddy" play his cards::::school time::::play time::::fixings for chewy granola bars}

{GF buckwheat pancakes topped with raspberry sauce, yogurt, and granola::::looking out our front window to 8 fresh inches of snow in the shadow of our bare lilac branches::::more play time::::one of my favorites, green tea}

During this month of February, I've been "finding the lovely" with Jeanne Oliver and Kimberly Taylor each Friday. To link up, go here.