Progress {What a Difference a Week Can Make}

Our new garden space is nearly ready.

{50 feet of beautiful soil leveled after delivery today}

We added a third railroad tie to create a level plot. Lots of rebar was hammered in to keep the beems in place. We are working with what is known as the lasagna method. We gathered great amounts of cardboard sheets from our local super store. We topped the cardboard with our compost and horse manure--Espi estimated over 20 tractor bucket fulls!

{early this morning, after raking and leveling the compost and manure in prep for delivery}

{this afternoon after the delivery of 20 yards of soil! but it doesn't look much different from here does it!? temperatures in the 80s today (can you believe it!?), thus girls in suits!}

Our plot will be about 20 x 50 feet when finished. But we will pause in the progress of the soil prep for now. We are getting ready for visiting with family and breaking from our regular routine for awhile. When we are back into the "same ole, same ole," we'll need to get more of our "lasagna layers" to finish out our rectangle and on a simple fencing system to keep the rabbits and deer at bay.

By late April, we should be ready to put some spring seeds in the earth.