Reminiscing {Fredericksburg}

We have had sickness in our house for about 2 weeks. We are all on the way out, but this sick bug has made me wish for a get away. For now, I am stepping back to our anniversary, our time in Texas several months ago.

Thank you for Fredericksburg. I am so glad you thought of it and that it worked out. Hiking the Hill Country, the B & B, and the history, warmth, and beauty of the town made a perfect mini vacation.

{hiking Enchanted Rock:::loved this vein running along the face}

{The day was chilly and CRAZY-windy, but we gave it a shot, made it to the top, and descended quickly to the truck.}

{The Hoffman Haus was a sweet find--lovely and comfortable--tucked away on a side street in the middle of town.}

{our little kitchen:::a view from the hall}

Your mom was wonderful to care for Our Sweet Bunch so we could enjoy the rare get away together.

{Waiting for a restaurant to open for dinner that night, we drove around Fredericksburg looking at the old homes and architecture. We found this "village" of incredible cottages. Come to find out, it use to be a B & B but now belongs to the San Antonio Shoe Co. as a retreat--sweet, for them.}

{This was the side of one of the buildings on the Pioneer Museum grounds that we were able to briefly walk, too. And the wait for dinner was worth it; the food at the Navajo Grill was completely delicious.}

{Our time in Fredricksburg was at the end of November; so Christmas was on display. After dinner we walked through their city park to see lights, decorations, and what an outdoor ice rink looks like in Texas--fun but very small!}

{Attempting to warm up after a chilly night out--it worked.}

Funny how it took some time getting use to the silence of "no children," but it didn't take too long to really, really enjoy it.

{the back door of our suite}

{Lounging around in the quiet of morning with no children to ready must be experienced more often! I took a walk outside to see the grounds and the rooms of the The Great Hall where the B & B entertains large groups--so many pretty details.}

{then the day was spent enjoying the sights of this old German town}

{a huge German pyramid or carousel that circles by the "heat of the candles," displayed in their city park}

{the most beautiful library which use to be their court house}

Through our 10 years of marriage, many joyful memories have been made. They all add up to appreciation to God for His overflow of gifts and Life and the love, strength, and endurance to see challenges through, to be on the other end smiling and holding the ones dearest to me time after time.

{In a small, quiet court yard, I am in love with this woman and her child, and of all people, look who came over to say "hi"! This Illinoisan was much taller than I would have imagined! }

{these sweet architectural details were everywhere}

Thank you for your love and for making sweet memories with me.

Te Amo.

{This old shop door was one of my very favorites. Maybe we'll get to come back again someday.}