Signs of Spring

The earth is starting to wake up, and, oh, it's a beautiful site. Running errands, we are seeing new black lambs under their mommas suckling. The lily bulbs are peeking out of the soil. Our perennials are saying hi again.

We all spent the morning outdoors today. AD, with mini fork in hand, helped me muck. The girls roamed the pasture with walking sticks, then came in to help me turn the compost pile. All the while, Espi changed the oil and washed the truck. The outdoors feels wonderful.

This week we come across a great deal on a larger framed bike for H. So all the kids have their own "ike" now--H on 2, AF on 4, and AD on 3.

[Nearly everything turns into a gun for AD. Where does it come from? All I can say is "boy" and a precious one at that.]

I know Colorado enough to know that we aren't likely out of winter weather until late April-early May, but this warmth and sunshine is making us all very happy.