Free Beauty {a Page Keeper, Music, and a Story}

Throughout the last several days, I have been introduced to some lovely finds.

They are being shared graciously and freely. I'd like to keep the sharing going.

This morning, the girls and I each made a vintage book mark from wild@heart. Our "laminating" was wide, clear, box tape; it worked. We hole-punched and added some colored string on top. Very sweet page keepers indeed.

This weekend and this morning, I have been enjoying the Icelandic composer Olafur Arnalds for the first time.


His site has links to album purchases as well as his youtube videos and free downloads for his 7 "living room" performances. They are so soothing and pleasant, his music played in the background as we did school this morning.

Finally, for reading, here again is Ann Voskamp on this Monday as we head toward Easter. She has a way with words, with bringing the ugly and beautiful together in a meaningful way in light of Jesus.