Finding the Lovely {Starting Summer Break}

We are well into summer break and enjoying it fiercely in a pretty low key kind of way.
Our first week, I jumped right into painting, not for transforming but for maintenance. Lots and lots of trim, base boards, and doors have been eye sores for much too long.
It has been plenty hot enough for sprinklers and spray guns.
Gardening, reading, pretending, biking make up much of the new normal right now.

Thinking back to Kimberly Taylor and Jeanne Oliver's series in February, I shall carry on in the same tone as we start these easy days of June...finding the lovely in the everyday:

{left to right: wildflowers::::a bouquet of "pretty" grass from the girls::::strawberry season::::a growing garden}

{storytime with big sister::::fresh from the bath sillies::::make believe::::big sister letting the littles show no mercy and loving it} 

{discovering new abilities--"Look, Mom."::::sleepy head in sports garb::::Espi giving facial hair a go upon my wish and daughters feeling safe and content in daddy's arms::::country biking--"no clothes necessary"} 

{big, light browns working on pearly whites::::morning coffee in grandma's old dishes::::making time for simple homemade for the joy of it::::fresh blooms}