First Garden Salad {Short on Greens But Delicious}

Made use of our strawberries tonight for dinner.
Picking a bowl full with the children this morning reminded me of a grill chicken and spinach salad I had at Cracker Barrel this spring in Texas. It was perfect. A top a bed of spinach was almond slices, bacon pieces, thinly sliced red onion, lots of strawberries, blue cheese crumbles, grilled chicken all mixed in a vinaigrette.

That was the inspiration.

We worked with what we had.

Marble-sized hail hit us a couple nights ago.
It is laughable how much spinach and lettuce is still in tact. I think the plants will bounce back just fine, and at least we had some. As you can imagine, the kids and Espi weren't complaining.

Our salad included
grilled chicken,
roasted walnuts,
bacon pieces,
thinly sliced red onion,
avocado slices,
feta cheese,
a small bed of mixed greens (chard, spinach, and bibb)
tossed with a vinaigrette.

How can you go wrong with such a combo? It was delicious.