Lovely {A Bit of June, Lots of July}

Wow. We are nearing the end of July!
2nd grade is two weeks away. Slow down just a bit please!
Summer here in Colorado has been like no other. Dryness. Fires. A horrific shooting.
The state has been on our hearts and in our prayers as we mourn and overflow with gratitude for the great courage, respect, and care that has been shown. 
And now as a world, we get ready to take in and celebrate 2 weeks of inspiring athletic competition in London.
This summer has opened our hearts to our greater community through sorrow and celebration, no doubt.

We have stayed close to home these months. Although we are eager to see far away family. Our new garden plot has been a joy. We have made time for some hikes, walks and bike rides, friends. 2 weeks of swim lessons for all three munchkins concluded this week. AD didn't want anything to do with it the first week, but looked like a veteran by week 2, dunking his head and kicking away. The girls soaked up every lesson with smiles.

Here is a summary in pictures of some of the lovely moments of summer break:
{Father's Day, Espi worked to finish a big home project. He is very good to us.}

{ranch store animals are one of the kids' favorite worlds to pretend in}

{our little 2 by 3 feet plot of radishes was more than we could handle}

{cousin M preformed in a play}

{his faces}

{getting ready for cousins spending the night}

{creating and molding all morning with their cousins}

{homemade gluten-free corn dogs and massive slices of watermelon--happy bellies}

{my nephew teaching me Mancala}

{her cousin teaching her finger crocheting}

{enough garden spinach to blanch and freeze}

{She wanted to wash the car. I gratefully surrendered.}

{he caught on a little too naturally}

{our adorable fawn [being chased away with its momma because they keep eating our tomato plants]}

{summer, outdoor, temporary art}

 {gently being encouraged in his teacher's safe arms::::lined up::::"rocket" arms::::taking his first dunks}

{testing out her new goggles with all smiles}

{week 2 was a success}


{the mini pumpkin working on an escape route} 

{afternoon snacks from the garden}

{taking his swimming goggles on the road for our after-dinner walk} 

 {all together}

{friendly "neighbors"}

{"princesses" came to visit}


{our majestic sky}

 {hiking sandals lasting as long as our marriage so far and they are still going strong}

 {Espi surprising the four of us one evening showing up on horseback with Ranger}

 {waiting for their turn}

{spending a whole night and a morning in free disguise

{on a roll with finger crocheting}
{his version of crocheting}
{our middle's drawing turned into cloth and thread}
{mummified in 2 crocheted balls of yarn, thanks to her sister}
{a large bowl of kale spared from the destruction of the flea beetles}
{all eyes on the community rodeo}
{watching our neighbor barrel race}

{Colorado evening storm clouds shade the rodeo bleachers}
{passing out snacks country-style}