$10 or Less of Happy {Some, Priceless}

walks and talks with my mom...
...and watching her love on and play with our children
 (yes, he has a Star Wars backpack on...and a cape)

(my Mom giving "not-so-Super" AD a lift home)
finding a cheery, green, leather bound notebook in the sale's bin ($10)
learning and practicing a new embroidery stitch
our weekly library visit (currently I owe $0.70 in fines)
waking to Espi cooking a pan full of eggs and corralling the children for breakfast
(playing with Uncle K, Grandma, and cousins at the skate park)
Jesus showing us the way of His Kingdom with The Beatitudes and learning of the work of Iris and Heidi Baker
in the cool fall mornings or evenings, having my current favorite tea (as my doctor is having me avoid the dark ones) green chai ($2.40 for 20 bags) with a bit of stevia and a bit of non-dairy creamer (as my doctor is having me avoid dairy) in a pretty tea cup ($10)
on the warmer fall afternoons, having lemon water with a sprinkle of stevia (as my doctor is having me avoid sugar) and crushed ice (a few cents). thanks for the sweet idea, sis!
harvesting seeds from our vegetable garden for next year's plantings and for passing along to my gardening friends
pretty and comfortable underwear in the sale's bin (what a lovely trio. $5 each)
 time with the girls playing checkers (the start of my last game with our four year old I gave her a lead and never recovered! she is catching on...and I need to play a little more fierce already!)

enjoying a funny local children's play at group rate ($5 per ticket) with friends
starting to put the garden's pie pumpkins to good use

listening to this summer's VBS music CD ($7) with the children while running errands and seeing them relive that week in the rear view singing with the hand motions...
...also, finding the simpleness and straightness of some of those songs hitting me right at the core and making my day
art time that leads to new discoveries and leaves us a bit messy

These are some of my "happys" from the last couple weeks.
What would be on your list for today, this past week, or this past month?
I'd love to hear.