November 11 {Thankful}


-Hebrews 9 in church: "...instead of turning to God in faith they were turning back to religious and worldly systems for their hope...the world has limits; the Lord has no limits."

-kind souls and friendly faces

-Chipotle with family, their cilantro-lime rice, and Espi and AD's conversation while parking: AD says, "I love eating at Chipotle." Espi follows nonchalantly, "Me too. I love their organic meats and fresh ingredients," to be silly (because such words are so not him), making me laugh the whole way in.

-orange peels, cloves, star anise, and cinnamon simmering on the stove all day

-snow angels

-big sisters giving sled rides

-hot chocolate with marshmallows

-short-lived pouts

-a visit from a young buck

-leisurely flipping through library, home-decorating books because of the fun of the Creatively Made Home ecourse

-snuggly, bedtime storytime

-H lost her 3rd tooth

-our soldiers and veterans, our rights, this very special land: "...Founders aimed to create a society in which, for the first time in the history of the world, the individual's fate would be determined not by who his father was, but by his own freely chosen pursuit of his own ambitions. In other words, America was to be something new under the sun: a society in which hereditary status and class distinctions would be erased, leaving individuals free to act and to be judged on their merits alone." (Norman Podhoretz)