Sweet Sunshine and Open Space

Although we have enjoyed several inches of snow so far this season
and there has been a little sledding, some snow sculptures, and snow angels,
as of late it feels like winter has deserted us.
For about a 2 week stretch, we have had solid 50s and 60s.
It is just wrong to be indoors when the temperatures are so temptingly pleasant, so we have been running to the backyard or parks as much as possible.
The other day I was up for a good walk on our country roads and a good change of scenery. Making the announcement, each child volunteered their walking presence by my side. That was not what I had in mind. For one, I was looking for some quiet; for two, it takes twice the amount of time when little AD and little-ish AF are along for the trek. Sometimes I have to say that Momma's walking solo, but that day we made it...a pasture hike. To the faint sound of Espi cutting and bundling scrap wood in the yard, I opened the pasture gate and we four stepped into the several acres of open space on our land and took off to lap it twice.
They made me smile. Eagerly they all took off with plenty of energy and giggles. Yet, we weren't even one lap around when AD started to whimper and ask me to carry him. He had already worn himself out. I led him back to the playset where the girls had already ditched the hiking for the swings.

Then I had one more lap around the pasture all to my lonesome.
I was just walking yards away from our home in the pasture, but it was a bit dreamy.
Some days feel a little more desperate than others.
Ah, motherhood.