21 January 2013

"He's Changed My Heart" {No Soul is Too Far Out of Reach}

Ravi Zacherias has been a sweet part of my life since a friend introduced me to his work in collage. In his last eletter, RZIM shared this testimony of John Joseph as Ravi and RZIM were instrumental in the story of his salvation. It's short and beautiful.
If you haven't heard of Ravi and you have a thirst for Truth and a good story, you should check out his books or his radio programs. He does the soul good.


  1. Do not underestimate the power of the gospel...the power of Jesus' blood...the power of the Living God to change lives!

  2. oooh.. i am looking forward to checking out this author, Ravi. Love seeing testimonies... and hearing the stories of Jesus' sweet salvation. Powerful! Thank you for sharing! :)