Our oldest had a birthday this weekend. 8 x 365 plus days with her (topped with 2 other cuties) has been full and rich.
Soon after Christmas she was already planning what meals and desserts she'd like on her day a month and a half away, listing present ideas, what color of balloons (white, pink, and purple, by the way)... She's got an attention for details that reminds me of her dad.
A couple of my favorites about H up to this point:
She can already out memorize me. I have needed about twice the amount of time she has.
She's tender hearted.
She loves to decorate, celebrate, and make pretty.
She loves playing with her cousins and friends long, long, fun-filled hours.
I love the color of eyes God gave her--hazel jewels, the tiny freckles under her eyes and on her nose, and her quiet smile that is simply her.
I am quite sure the kids would say the best part of H's birthday was playing multiple hours at the indoor "bounce house." They were wiped out with bright red cheeks by the end of the fun. I think my favorite part was knowing how uncomfortable Espi was because of his aching tooth (that will under go a root canal procedure this up coming week) but still being present and involved with all the happenings of the day. He could have understandably passed, even at times, but he didn't want to miss out.
We love you, H.
Happy, happy, 8!