16 February 2013

Finding the Lovely {in February}

Slow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short Ribs from Nom Nom Paleo. Amazing! (I substituted tamari for coconut aminos, substituted apple cider vinegar for coconut vinegar, and omitted the fish sauce. Still amazing!)
clean, post-bath, sibling sillies

February, country walks

this handsome one repeatedly "pops over to say hi" this winter

these 3, creating and playing together

"Draw a Stickman" online and the "stickman EPIC game" application. great fun for kids of all ages.

the quiet, joy, and surprise of birthday mornings
presents from dear ones across the miles
birthday wishes
...and dessert time
spontaneous, room-transforming forts


homemade Valentines, sort of. Inchmark Journal ideas inspired, and her free template gifted our process.

AD, while sick, finding comfort in a warm, soft spot with a stack of books

summing it all up and seeing more of the big picture (book reporting with H)

kitchen helpers
(cleaning pumpkin seeds--yes, we had last week and still have pumpkins in our pantry to make use of!)

sentimental decor
(photo of my mom with her siblings and mother, a homemade, tin candle holder the children helped me make this fall, a piece of art made by my sister)

these 2 attached at the ears for nearly 2 days straight after H's birthday, enjoying a new music player

Sunday afternoon reading and writing surrounded by love (wearing my grandma's skirt and boots Espi gifted me, writing in a journal my sister made me, lying on a "old" quilt my mom made me before leaving for college) under God's warm sunshine and beautiful blue sky
This is a bit of some sweetness from our February.
What has made you smile this month?


  1. YOU and yours give me continual smiles:-) Thank you for all the wonderful photos and stories of moments together throughout this month...Wonderful!!

  2. this brought a smile: a friend who showed up with groceries when we were sick. i almost swooned on the spot.

    LOVE the shot of your two girls joined in music. those kiddos of yours have such sweet bonds.

  3. mmm. going to check out that recipe! my mouth is watering. love seeing peeks into your daily life. your son's expressions crack me up. xoxo. hmm... What made me smile this month? Hugs from my loved ones!