17 February 2013

Kingdom of Me {Caleb the Band}

Up in my castle I count all my gold
              while my kingdom is drowning in tears from the poor.
Ooo, I'm a fool, I'm cold heart when I look out my crown
I see blood, I see fear
I see down, down, down
When will I learn
That it doesn't get much better till you turn
You've gotta turn yourself around

Up in my castle, I tear down my throne,
Cast my crown to the ocean and bury my gold,
Ooo, I have finally found that when I look past my pride

              I see love come to life
For this kingdom to be is much more than the kingdom of me

[more from Caleb the band can be found here]


  1. wow, that cuts straight to my heart. thank you, dear amy. love you and that beautiful heart of yours.

  2. how lovely. thank you for sharing! Going to go put it on my music wishlist. :-)