snow on! {with words from our middle}

the last week or so has been filled with the most snow play of the winter so far.
after AF saw through the dining room windows the snow hill Espi made with the tractor after a good accumulation, she told H, "daddy is my best dad in the whole world!"
they were full of smiles for over 3 hours in the outdoors that day.
our oldest was on a roll at one point with about 5 or 6 sled runs in a row. AF called out, "i think God is telling me it's my turn to sled."
AF rested in the snow and got my attention, "mom, take a video of me making a snow angel."
me: "you want me to video you flapping your arms and legs up and down?"
AF: "yes!"
(i'll spare you the video this time, but i am glad i recorded. we all had a good laugh, AF leading the way, watching her big smile and flapping limbs, later that day.)
last weekend, H had her good friend spend the night. saturday, there was plenty of snow still on the ground, but the hot sun was melting it fast. perfect snow for short-lived, snowman building.
this lovely snow-couple, also, had a snow-friend with a snow-baby built soon after this moment...all before i called out "lunchtime!"