on my mind {with moments from texas}

i have a one track mind right now. school. we have just about 4 weeks until the end of may. this is the first year of homeschooling where i am looking at material i would like to finish for the year, looking at the weeks until memorial day weekend, and realizing it will be a tight squeeze if we finish by that date. but that's the aim.

during the last several weeks, i have been enjoying jared anderson for the first time. he writes and sings songs with a sweet heart for God. "great i am" and "inside" i adore, and the deeper i have sought out his songs, i have found many that are encouragements to my soul. if you like his work, you will appreciate this 6 minute interview clip, too, where he shares about "living your worship" in Jesus:

our time in texas started with a wedding and continued with lots of cousin time (the trampoline was always a hit), new critter discoveries (new at least for our 3), house and yard projects at my mother-in-law's, good rest and visiting with loved ones, and a little bit of play in san antonio. some of the moments i don't want to forget from that time follow:

{two huge stumps were removed. a lot of digging. then chaining and truck pulling.}

{an awesome sight seeing them loosened from the ground}

{many, many dozens of cascarones, confetti eggs were made for easter. see them in action below.}
{just waiting for some paste and tissue paper covering}
{one of many critters enjoyed by the little ones}

{one "critter" enjoyed particularly by me. saw this beauty drinking from the flowers almost daily.}

{i heart wildflowers}

{date day in san antonio at the tower of the americas for a bird's eye view of the city}
{a view from the top}
{old photos and historical stories about san antonio filled the walls of the panorama room at the top of the viewing tower. one of my favorites--horseback riding in the san antonio river in the beautiful brackenridge park in the 1930s.}

{the grounds below were lovely: fountains, pools, gardens, art work}
{yay for grandparents that love on our little ones and make date days (or evenings) so easy}
{one of the many art works on the grounds. i am attempting to enter the world of the mermaids here.}

{the institute of texan cultures was just a short walk away. we visited its "back 40" historical buildings. i was in a little piece of heaven. a great era recreated.}

{cousins soaking up one more night of play before we head back north}
{these 3 munchkins in their own little world of play, talk, and giggles made us smile often}
 {several hours from home, we had a tire detred. espi saw it right away (thankfully), stopped, and replaced it. AF waiting on daddy.}
{AD waiting on daddy}
{H waiting on daddy}
{espi getting us back on the road. greatly appreciate this man.}
{beyond this hill, begins the home stretch. snow peaked mountains come into view and many tall, ponderosa pines greet us with a warm welcome. after many hours of traveling, we are home.}