the everyday moments {thankful in may}

memorial weekend has come and gone, and we still have a bit of school to finish up this week. as june begins this weekend, we will official say thanks and good bye to the 2012-2013 school year and welcome summer break.

our memorial weekend was a mix of home projects, gardening and potting plants, graduation ceremonies and follow up party gatherings, an impromptu lunch with special friends, and lots and lots of watermelon. we usually attend the local memorial service at the cemetery, but our middle had a couple nose-bleeds prior, and we chalked that up to too much sun, not enough fluids. so we decided to stay out of the sun as much as possible that day.

yesterday morning espi and i woke up to a very quiet house. my sister invited our 3 to spend the night and play with cousins. after breakfast, i took an-almost-unheard-of, early morning walk, and after starting a little productivity around here (turning on the dishwasher and throwing a load in the washer), i read for much of the morning. it was so sweet. i was left very thankful for my sister's kindness.

some other notes of thanksgiving from the last couple weeks:

{cooking breakfast with her in sight soaking up a favorite book series} 

{hot days that call for water fun. who needs swimsuits.} 

 {a brand new bike for little AD}
 {his passion and heart. he lived that first week in his new bike helmet. he still has it by his side or on his head constantly.}
{espi starting a fire for us on a chilly, may morning to cozy up with school time by}

{spring rainbows}

{gifted with a nutribullet. it can make all kinds of raw goodness concoctions. i am loving it. here is spinach, raspberries, blackberries, banana, cashews, and hemp seeds. i filled it about half way with water, and it was whipped to perfection.}

{homemade cornbread with artichoke-asparagus-spinach soup}

{snuggle time with their dad and the nature channel} 

 {him waking me for an early morning chat...
 ...mixed with giggles...
 ...and this all before the girls woke up.}

 {old churches}
 {playground time with the littles and watching her and AD light up}

{enjoying one last play day with her 2nd grade girlfriends before jumping into summer break, then 3rd grade.}

{old friends. they go way back. to kindergarten.}
{an easy dinner. and the family going for it.}

{making our dear neighbor's high school graduation. and waiting in shade on a very hot morning.}

{the safe place of her daddy's arms}

{the children and i picking out some flowers to pot and brighten up our surroundings}

{the garden starting to show off. God is good. we seed and water (ok, weeding and keeping away pests is helpful, too), and He puts on an amazing show.}

{seeing this song AF wrote and H scribed for her while i was kissing those sleeping girls' heads before going to bed myself. these children are precious.}

{the sky and all that fills it. no matter where you live, what you are in the midst of, we all have this to look up to, it's available to everyone, everyday. beauty. God is good.} 


{a room with a spring view}

{my quiet morning yesterday reading about one of my favorites, c.s.lewis} 

{finding a baby bird learning to fly. and our girl on the right making me laugh. i told her before running outside, "let's pull your hair back or just put on a hat before going out in the crazy wind." she couldn't find a cap she said later, so her snow cap made do.} 

{and sweet blue flax}

what about you? what have you been thankful about this may?