to our second five-year-old

happy 5 years, AF,
your entrance into this world, into our arms was like fireworks--fast, loud, full of excitement and good cheer. the love and support surrounding your birth from friends, hospital staff, family, your daddy was wonderful. you, from the start, have been a mix of boisterous joy, gumption, and tenderness. you have a smile on your face more often than not. you laugh easily and like making others do the same. you play rowdy with your brother and princesses and dolls with your sister. you're a wonderful playmate. i love your beautiful, brown eyes, and you have one of my favorite smiles in the world. happy birthday, sweet girl!

your food requests for your day this year:
eggs and sausage links for breakfast, chick-fil-a for lunch, homemade pizza with pepperoni and sausage for dinner, and fudgy brownies with creamy coconut frosting with a side of ice cream for dessert.

your activity request:
"bouncing tents" with cousins.

{an hour and a half = nap time, anyone??} 

{the best of our tired smiles. they were sweaty and wiped. AD was napping in the car in no time.}

your sister and brother had some words about you, too.

"what's it like having AF as a sister?"
H: i'm glad she's my sister because i have another girl to play with.
AD: um, playing toys with her. yes! playing toys with her.

"why is she fun to play with?"
H: she's good at pretending.
AD: um, playing bikes. also, playing race [cars].

"what is something else she is good at?"
H: keeping secrets
AD: um, throwing balls. also, ice balls. snowballs, too.

"does she ever bother you? what does she do?
H: when i'm reading, she trys to talk with me, but i don't want to stop reading.
AD: yes, sad and mad. she does this. (he sticks out his tongue at me.)

{in that face is a mix of tired, too much sugar, and "do you really have to disturb this moment?"}

"why do you think God wanted you to have a sister like her?"
H: maybe because she'd be fun to play with, and she doesn't just play with me but AD, too.
AD: cause God likes us.