give me the outdoors {waterton canyon}

"to me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious persian rug." {helen keller}
give me the outdoors.
throughout a year, it doesn't feel like we enjoy these beautiful mountains enough. can anyone!? so on mother's day, after the cold season if weather allows, i usually ask for a day of hiking. even extra slowly with these young ones, i love it.
this mother's day we headed to the foothills of littleton, co to take on an easy hike at waterton canyon.
this was our children's first time, but waterton brings back good memories. espi and my dating started here, i would say. by the end of that day filled with much hiking and talking, our friendship turned in a new direction. also, with in-laws and their children (before our children came into the picture), here we saw several big horned sheep right in the middle of our path. seeing them so closely was an awesome sight.
our hike last weekend only took us up the trail less than half way, maybe 2 miles in. it is hard to imagine we even did that well with the kids given our pace and multiple, multiple stops to enjoy the water and let the kids throw a-large-portion-of-the-gravel-path in for splash effect.
the weather was beautiful as we enjoyed an extra full trail--horseback riders, many bikers, a few fishmen, along with us hikers.


i was struck several times by the bright blue sky that day in contrast to the greening, colorado ground due to last week's spring rains. i love how spring is perking up life all around us.