found a winner {movie night}

i was surprised with a good show tonight.

i don't watch much tv. it's just rare that i turn it on and find something i really enjoy so i tend not to turn it on. but a good movie now and then is wonderful. often we just check out shows we want to watch from our library. they often have everything we want and more. i am remembering to just check out youtube for full movies now, too.

tonight after a full day, i wanted to sit, work on an embroidery piece and take in a good story. abel's field (2012) stood out as i searched. the reviews looked appealing, so i gave it a shot. the show was well done. a family film with significant difficulties, real life pain that i think most young adults and adults can relate to, yet full of integrity and hope.

and i loved that it was free and easily accessible. thanks, youtube.

the two main characters, kevin sorbo and samuel davis, were a pleasure to watch.

if you have about an hour and forty minutes, enjoy:

what about you? any film you have seen lately that you would recommend?