5 {in october}


sometimes the children and i play "5 points" during car rides or wait-time anywhere. 5 points is just a quick review game, usually testing a person on something he/she is learning academically. when a child has filled all 5 fingers with correct answers on my hand or whoever-wants-to-keep-track's hand, the hand opens and closes, flashing like a light. well done. "5 points."

my 5 points here weren't earned, but i feel like i have won. 5 sweet gifts surprised me, were received and enjoyed, particularly lately, in small and big ways. as i write i know i am missing "points," thinking of a friend's farewell party, for example, celebrating many years of rich friendship now to treasure over the miles. like all of our months, blessings and gifts overflow more than we can truly count.

  • wildtree. a friend of mine is selling their food products. as a minimal spender and a make-from-scratch-often (cutting costs because i have time to) momma, i reluctantly decided to attend a wildtree tasting. but it led to attending a freezer-meal party. i loved the idea, the wildtree products, and many, tasty, healthy dishes that fed our family. thank you, jenna.

  • ingri and edgar parin d'aulaire. i'm a little in love with these early 1900s authors and illustrators. i have read several of their biographies with the kids. their work is factual, yet has so much heart. the kids and i give this couple a big thumbs up and thanks for their beautiful work!

  • quail eggs for breakfast and swapping harvested, garden seeds. as i passed some seeds onto a gardening friend this week, she surprised me with some of her seeds and several, fresh quail eggs from her birds. fresh food and seeds are some of the best gifts. the eggs were beautiful and delicious. and she got me looking forward already to the 2014 garden.

  • celebrating the gift and life of Espi this week (and the 3 little people he helped bring into my life). so thankful for the whole that's made him who he is (and God's presence making good out of the hard), for his love entering my life almost 17 years ago as friends, and his interest in continuing to grow with me. we take each other for granted, but so thankful for the many moments we don't, because that's when we are living. te amo, Espi, and glad i get to.

{back to dating days about 12 summers ago. this is what most of our dates looked like, biking and hiking while talking and getting to know each other. those mutual interests haven't changed much.}

what about you? what has been a pleasant surprise or a particularly sweet gift in your life lately?