fall, we love you

a 3 month break. i have really missed here. but i really enjoyed my break away. more than i anticipated. 2 months more than i anticipated. the last several months have welcomed change. they've been filled with many special adventures across the country, in our state, in our home.
our little espino clan is well, homeschooling is off to a good start, and we are relishing in the beauty of this fall season. with Espi and i (and several other family members) sharing birthdays in October, through our bias vision, this month and time of year is hard to beat.
the high country is shining with aspen-gold. top that with the white snowfall as chilling temperatures start a day and drop again in the evening. harvests have wrapped up for the growing season. (we don't have much left in the garden to harvest except for seeds to put to use next spring and a crazy abundance of kale that has probably gone kaput after the last couple nights of hard freezes.) during this season, homes are extra cozy and hearts and bellies tend to be extra full.
the following are moments from the last 2 weekends--taking a birthday drive to see the gold and white on loveland pass up to the continental divide and finding the colors just a few miles from our home:
{a day or 2 after this "shorts" scene, our community received our first snow. mini-snowman worthy.}
{on the birthday drive, evergreens on loveland pass were beautiful}

{it was crazy cold up there. no guts to stick around longer for a family shot. took my fingers a good 10 minutes to feel normal again once in the car. but so worth the breathtaking views.}
{driving back down the mountains, we spotted the georgetown loop railroad chuggin' through the green and gold...}
{...and stopped along hwy 74 for peeks at the gushing "bear creek"}
{while in the area, we showed the children the beautiful red rocks amphiteatre. a highlight was listening to the live music playing that saturday afternoon and watching AD shake and bop as we walked around}

{i was stunned by the colors one evening driving hwy 86 east of franktown. so family and i went back to soak it up several mornings ago}

{then we gave the kids some much enjoyed play time}

thank you, fall!