Everybody Was...

Ever since we watched Kung Fu Panda as a family several months ago, the song keeps COMING BACK when we're just playing around and when we see martial arts of any kind. The things that make this crazy family smile!

Once H finished her swim lessons before our spring vacation, she really wanted to take dance or gymnastics next. However, when we checked rec classes with our summer schedule, neither of her preferences fit with OUR schedule.

Espi encouraged her to consider a beginning class in karate. She was reluctant but said she'd TRY. After the first class, I was surprised to hear her say, "I really like it, Mom!"

She is such an adorable (and strong), little puncher and kicker. Classes go into the end of June, and she is catching on well so far. As for icing on the cake, Espi told H that if she enjoys karate once this class is all over, he would take a class with her in the future. She is holding him to it!