Smooth Sailin'

The rest of the week was smooth-sailing compared to Day 1! Amazing the difference 2 wheels can make!

(A and AD pool-side)

(H kicking, making the "rocket ship" w/ her arms, and getting ready to go under for rings)

AD's nap this afternoon personifies my feelings now that the first week of swimming is over. I should be joining him right now. It is hard to believe that a 30 minute swim class about 20 miles from home 4 days in a row can take so much planning and coordination with 3 kids!

H has 3 other little boys learning along side her. The two teachers are young men. The teaching approach and environment of the class is very different from her first class. Rowdy. Very playful. I think there is learning in the mist of it! And she is having fun!

Here is a taste of H in action (backfloating), and the playfulness is seen: