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Loooong ago, before I put blogging on pause (7 years), I use to enjoy summing up each year with highlights + blessings. As I re-started this writing space this year, I'd love to do it again.  It is ironic how very challenging times can also be very beautiful. It shows us what we are made of individually, as a family, and as a society. To be able to see the good + bad more clearly, I am very grateful. Definitely, that was no exception this year. Let the highlights begin. Music:   When I needed a good smile, Van Morrison Pandora radio did it. He made meal prep and outdoor work lovely often.  When I wanted a peaceful, pleasant start to my day or background music while working on a project, it was regularly dear Phil Keaggy Pandora radio.  Go-to background  music most anytime was simply "White Noise" Pandora radio, which is mostly pleasant nature sounds.  Finally, when adding healing peace to my morning stretching, my afternoon or evening walks, or my driving (alone or with

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