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Neem: the #1 Skin Herb + Blood Purifier

  My journey with the herb neem began in 2018, after my stroke when I discovered through an online testimony that a woman had reversed her Churg Strauss with the wisdom and guidance of the Ayurvedic Doctor Pankaj Naram . As I listened to many interviews with dear Dr. Naram, I would hear him mention "neem leaves" in many of his home remedies. This herb remained a mystery to me, but as I grew in Ayurvedic healing I heard other doctors like John Doulliard share, too, about neem's powerful healing benefits. So when my healing clinic had an herb sale last fall 2020, I was curious to see if their shop sold neem. Spirit of Health has a wonderful supply of healing herbs of all kinds; of course, they had neem .  My first mistake when I started taking it was assuming it was like the many herb formulas I've been using throughout my healing. Most have a serving of 1 teaspoon, 1-3 per day, so I added a teaspoon to some water and drank it down as best I could. It was so bitter! A

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