5 Years Ago and Healing Highlights

On this day, 5 years ago in March of 2018, I woke to blurred vision, which led my husband to take me to the ER, which led to an MRI which showed I had recently had a stroke. Just the night before this blurred vision, I was in the hospital under anaesthesia having a lung biopsy due to 8 months of walking pneumonia and an unusually high level of eosinophils (white blood cells) in my blood. With every pharmaceutical, every antibiotic, every steroid, I was not thriving more, I was being led deeper into sickness.

The self-education began before the stroke, but the reason for my sickness and my path for healing wasn't clear. A year later in March 2019, the confidence that was lacking stared me in the face as I watched my live blood cells interacting with each other under a powerful microscope displayed on a computer screen--all of my white blood cells were desperately fighting to clear my body of a severe systemic fungal and parasite infection. 

Our "health" system tested me for every underlying issue we together could think of with no answers. It took a simple $100 out of pocket live-blood analysis to do that. 

Some day very soon, may our "health" system experience the healing it greatly needs, and may it truly be in the Healing business.

(a couple weeks before my 3rd liver flush--tired with lung congestion *see below for the why* but pleased wrapping up the homeschool day with my son)

Today, I look back over these years of healing grateful for Life-giving highlights (in the order they impacted my healing journey):

*The ancient texts--the Holy Bible and Ayurveda--are full of Life-giving Wisdom for diet and healing by design. This revelation started my healing and is still foundational. God is good.

*Taking all the time needed to really, thoughtfully go through my whole life to forgive, ask for forgiveness and receive forgiveness with God (and others if appropriate) was powerful and more needed than I realized. May this spiritual purity with God and others never end.

*Healing testimonies! They have been a life-line! Thank God for those willing to share what led them out of chronic sickness into more and more Life. Everyone's Healing is a little different, but there are similarities that over lap. I've found these "over-lapping Truths to be powerful "road signs" along my journey.

*Similarly, I do not listen to mainstream news. It lacks integrity and soundness. When it comes to Health, I go directly to Healing professionals, meaning professionals experienced in reversing chronic disease and safely leading people off all pharmaceuticals. It takes a little digging, but such Healing professionals are out there, thank God. Ayurvedic doctors originally would not get paid unless their client recovered and their sickness was reversed. What a beautiful future it will be when our "health" system follows suit. 

*Prioritizing according to our design has been revolutionary. We can live 3 weeks without food. We can live 3 days without water. We can live 3 minutes without breath. We can live 3 seconds without thought (or pretty close). Anyway, my priories with these 4 Truths were completely awry before my Healing journey. Now I start with my thoughts when I'm off. Are they set on Life and Truth? The next most important thing I need is Breath, deep and full, in and out. It is a lymphatic pump. It regulates my nervous system. Breath is energizing and calming. If I'm still off, I consider quality hydration. Do I need water, fruit, minerals? Finally, and least important, is food. But when I finally get there, may it be real, whole, and nutrient-rich--a blessing to this body, not a burden or a toxin.

*Overall, Genesis 1:29 has reminded me of what the original intent was for our food. So 80-95% of my eating is guided by that. It is Life-giving. The guidance of Leviticus 11 for meat has also been eye opening, to say the least, when I started looking into the science of why certain animals are not for consumption according to our Creator. It would be ideal to hunt for our meat or raise our own on our land. I hope someday. We shop at our local meat locker and buy farm fresh eggs from neighbours often for clean, unchemically-pumped meat. Much in our current world needs purifying, right, including our food industry. 

*Fermented vegetables have been a staple. Cleansing and detoxifying is essential to reversing chronic sickness, but rebuilding a healthy microbiome with good bacteria needs to replace the toxins that are removed. Homemade fermented vegetables have been an easy, affordable way to "rebuild" health. 

*Sunshine, grounding, good-nights-sleep, minerals, foraging, fresh sprouts, home-grown or locally grown herbs and vegetables as much as possible has been Joy, Peace and Life.

*Moving daily (stretching, walking, rebounding, working in the yard) has been essential to pumping the lymphatic system which rids the cells and body of waste.

*Breaking a sweat daily is one aim that has been harder to achieve. They say the skin is the 3rd kidney so sweating is essential for filtering out toxins. For now, I fit in hot bathes and sauna time whenever I can, as well as, enjoy a good long hike on a sunny Colorado day.

To close, I want to briefly add one of the biggest set backs I have had on this journey as well as one of the most amazing "tools" I've used. 

In my last post, I shared that last July of 2022 a friend gave me some sourdough starter that I eagerly experimented with for 3 months before getting lung congestion in November of 2022. This winter has been one of the hardest I've experienced in several years because of the lingering lung congestion that took about 3 months to clear out. The simple of what I learned is that my gut is not strong enough yet for wheat. Also, the wheat I used was was not organic and did not claim to be non-GMO. I think that is important when I try wheat again. So the set back was unpleasant but helpful learning. 

The amazing "tool" has been the liver flush protocol. At the start of 2022, I felt that my healing had plateaued, but I knew my body needed deeper healing. I knew my liver needed more intentional decongesting from all the pharmaceuticals and poor eating habits that led up to the stroke. After learning from several respected Healing professionals on how to walk through a liver flush gently and safely, last year I completed 2, and this year I've completed 1 so far. Each has been successful and truly amazing as many liver and gallbladder stones have been released. By the Grace of God, I look forward to completing several more flushes this year, trusting with each release I'll experience more relief for this body and more health benefits.

Can you relate with my set back or any of my highlights? I'd love to hear! 

Keep up the good, beautiful work of healing, friends. May the rest of 2023 be full of rebuilding more vibrant health and strength for each of us.

Blessed Healing,

Amy Luella